Finding the right physiotherapist in calgary

Physiotherapy is non invasive medicine that focus on rehabilitating the musculoskeletal system from acute or chronic injury. If you are looking for good physiotherapy in Calgary, there are a few fundamental principles that should be followed by both the patient and the practitioner. These fundamental principles are commonly not followed and as a result the patient does not recover from there pain and symptoms.

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There first principle is the type of care that you are getting. Physiotherapists are trained in assessing and treating muscle pain. It is important that the physiotherapist really monitor you and provide you with adequate one on one care. It is common practice now that the physiotherapist assistant provides a lot of the care. This is not sufficient. To get better in a reasonable time frame it is important to make sure that this principle is being followed.

The second principle is following the treatment plan. At the time of the first visit it should be laid out about how things will progress throughout the next several weeks. Certain objective markers should be laid out by the practitioner, however, it is even more important that the patient follow the treatment protocol. You cannot expect you will get better over night. Healing takes time. Think of your injury like an infection. You must take an entire prescription of antibiotics to kill entire infection. Similarly, you have to take the entire prescription of treatments in order to get better. Some facilities ask you to prepay for all your care up front. I do not support this.

The last principle is the responsibility of both the practitioner and the patient. Find someone who you can relate too and is empathetic. Healing in a place you are comfortable with a person you trust satisfies the mental component with healing and pain relief.